If You're A Holistic Dentist...


Okay, John:

✔ Watched your video

✔ I have a holistic dental practice

✔ That’s what I need

✔ I want to help more people

✔ An Increase of 25% or MORE in Case Acceptance

✔ A PREDICTABLE and Measurable Source of Leads that can Convert Into Sales

✔Passionately Motivated Staff Ready to Work at the Highest Level

✔ Working on Procedures I actually WANT with the Aligned Support of my Staff

✔ Reduced stress and pressure by doing the work I WANT while being paid PREMIUM

✔ LIVING my life aligned with purpose and financial freedom

I'd like to talk.

"Having the best year in the practice's 14 year history..."

It was 2017 and I felt powerless and everything was about to collapse in my practice.

All I ever wanted to do was to help my patients but I couldn't understand why my staff did know how to get the cases I proposed accepted.

So patients were leaving my office without getting the help they needed...

I received countless offers from people who claimed they were "experts" and could help me, but it was empty promises...

Luckily, before I gave up a colleague referred me to John from Treatment Plan Academy (T.P.A.)

Through the COIVD 19 chaos, the strategies that T.P.A. has put in place in our office helped us not only to survive but we are thriving-- Having the best year in the practice's 14 year history.

He gave us the tools, certainty, and confidence to speak to our patients and helped them beyond what we could have ever imagined."

S. Lee, D.D.S.

I Bet You’re Wondering...

"What is the difference between you and "the other guy?"

Yes, I hear that all of the time.

But here's the inside scoop...

The majority, if not ALL, don't own their own practice and our methodology only focuses on ONE thing...

Creating a patient experience that leads to an easeful acceptance of the treatment presented.

Are you in?

Too Long, Didn't Read Version:

I help Holistic Dentists just like you achieve financial freedom, so that you can concentrate on the things that you love to do without compromising your integrity or having to work any harder than you already are.

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